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#Notopia is the loss of identity and cultural vibrancy – a global pandemic of generic buildings. Let’s design with care to human scale and understanding of spaces between buildings. Let’s make places at street level, places of exchange, dialogue, and delight! Advertisements

Finally after about two weeks, we finished our urban project in the IP-UPWARD workshop on 17/5/2012. It was a precious experience for me, working with students from various European countries such as: Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria, and etc and with different professions from planners to landscape designers and architects. In this post I tend to […]

After almost a year, since I met Professor Mohsen Mostafavi (Dean of Design faculty of Harvard University) in Perugia during Festarch conference, and I bought his precious book called “Ecological Urbanism”, I recently read an article in it by Kongjian Yu (founder and Dean of the Graduate School of Landscape Architecture at Perking University) with […]