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Fabulous photos by Georg Gerster collected in the book: “Paradise Lost, Persia from Above” March 2009, New York, NY – For the first time ever, 29 breathtaking aerial photographs of Persia by award-winning Swiss photographer Georg Gerster, taken in the immediate years before the 1979 Iranian Revolution, will be on exhibition at the Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery (LTMH) from […]

A miniature sketch during my journey to Kerman, Iran in 2009. This is the entrance of Ibrahim Khan Hamam (Bath).

“Always design a thing by considering it, in its largest context, a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.”__ Eero Saarinen Last week I faced this newly built piece of architecture in Najaf-Abad city of Isfahan Province in Iran, an old city with a rich […]

In this post I present some of my works which I’ve done some years ago when I was a student at Iran University of Science and Technology. I drew these sketches during a journey to Isfahan province with its exquisite cities and myriad stories to tell! Even now, miles and miles away form it, I […]