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#Notopia is the loss of identity and cultural vibrancy – a global pandemic of generic buildings. Let’s design with care to human scale and understanding of spaces between buildings. Let’s make places at street level, places of exchange, dialogue, and delight! Advertisements

Two of my drawings have been published on The Architectural Review Folio! Following are the links to the publication: Cupola del Brunelleschi New England Seascape

Illustration for “معماری آگاه/Conscious Architecture” blog, by Milad Zabeti

Piazza San Carlo, Sketch by Milad Zabeti

  A design proposal for a cultural center in South Cadbury, England! By /DEFIGN/ Architectural Group! Milad Zabeti, Tannaz Monfaredzadeh    

These days we are preparing to celebrate the Iranian New Year; “Nowruz”. Nowruz is the first day of spring and the first day of the Persian calendar. I wanted to greet you this occasion by an illustration that I made myself for this traditional event. In this illustration, I intended to praise two important elements […]