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What a fantastic week we had! after 8 months of hard work and research, finally we presented our thesis and graduated with highest possible mark plus special praise and publication of our work on the website of Polytechnic University of Turin. It was a unique experience, doing research in Urbanism, and it was a try […]

After almost a year, since I met Professor Mohsen Mostafavi (Dean of Design faculty of Harvard University) in Perugia during Festarch conference, and I bought his precious book called “Ecological Urbanism”, I recently read an article in it by Kongjian Yu (founder and Dean of the Graduate School of Landscape Architecture at Perking University) with […]

Luc Schuiten


Luc Schuiten is a visionary architect. Parallel to his professional career dedicated to the conception of highly respectful environmental housing estates, he imagines interfering in emblematic parts of the city and in its surroundings. Committed in an ecological thought, concerned about the future of the planet and about the life conditions of the men to […]

The beginning of the millennium is characterized by a growing awareness of the importance of the climatic changes on our future. From all sides, the scientists ring the alarm bell. UNESCO, Giec, the international summits of Rio, Johannesburg and Bali anticipate the worst for the coming century if we do not change our behaviour radically. The […]