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Last week I started to read a book about Gordon Cullen’s activities in urban design and illustrating instructive visions from the city as our built environment. This fantastic book, written and collected by David Gosling, stimulated me, even more than before, to go inside the city and watch every facet of social life through urban […]

Today I found this newest AD (Architectural Design) magazine in the library of Politecnico di Torino and I proudly present it here! Don’t miss it! you’ll be interested in Iranian type of design and architecture, from valuable heritages to brilliant and pioneer solutions for architecture. Here is the introduction to this issue: “Over the last […]

Finally after about two weeks, we finished our urban project in the IP-UPWARD workshop on 17/5/2012. It was a precious experience for me, working with students from various European countries such as: Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria, and etc and with different professions from planners to landscape designers and architects. In this post I tend to […]

Today was the first day of IP-UPWARD Workshop at Polytechnic University of Turin. The workshop began with the lecture of Prof.Cina with the title: “Contents, evolution and drifts of the urban project”. He talked about the idea of innovation and modernization which has been, in some cases, against local identity and historic character of cities. […]

A project of self – sufficient light for Malian villages. “Foroba Yelen”, or “Collective Light”: this is the name that the Malian inhabitants of the agricultural area of Cenzana have given to the project of rural lighting of eLand. A research carried out in rural communities to introduce this technology in material and spiritual heritage […]

After almost a year, since I met Professor Mohsen Mostafavi (Dean of Design faculty of Harvard University) in Perugia during Festarch conference, and I bought his precious book called “Ecological Urbanism”, I recently read an article in it by Kongjian Yu (founder and Dean of the Graduate School of Landscape Architecture at Perking University) with […]

Luc Schuiten


Luc Schuiten is a visionary architect. Parallel to his professional career dedicated to the conception of highly respectful environmental housing estates, he imagines interfering in emblematic parts of the city and in its surroundings. Committed in an ecological thought, concerned about the future of the planet and about the life conditions of the men to […]