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Two of my drawings have been published on The Architectural Review Folio! Following are the links to the publication: Cupola del Brunelleschi New England Seascape Advertisements

The role of utopian thinking in architectural and urban design has always been fundamental. Utopian thinking is about breaking the limits and constraints and building a new visionary based on desirable values, this is when the thinker engages the most challenging issues the human society faces. Suggesting solutions for human terrestrial salvation, not necessarily feasible […]

Less is Enough!


The book “Less is Enough; On Architecture and Asceticism”, written by Pier Vittorio Aureli is a must read for architects who are interested in the notion and origin of minimalism and its catchphrase ‘less is more’ and the impact of economic recession on today’s architecture. The idea which implied that beauty could only arise through […]

In this link bellow you can find my recent portfolio of works. I would be happy to have your opinions and ideas about it. Thanks!

About a year and a half ago I started a page on Facebook called: “Free Hand-Free Mind”. This page aims to delve into the relationship between a virtual and a concrete concept, the role of sketch in the design process, how a designer can be able to perceive his or her surroundings in order to […]