A design proposal for a cultural center in South Cadbury, England! By /DEFIGN/ Architectural Group!

Milad Zabeti, Tannaz Monfaredzadeh




Last week I found out about this book recently published by Bernard Tschumi. In “Red is not a Color“, Tschumi discusses concepts in architecture. It is  a comprehensive documentation of his 30-year investigations as a designer, builder, and theorist.


Happy Iranian New Year!

These days we are preparing to celebrate the Iranian New Year; “Nowruz”. Nowruz is the first day of spring and the first day of the Persian calendar. I wanted to greet you this occasion by an illustration that I made myself for this traditional event. In this illustration, I intended to praise two important elements in cultural heritage of Iran; Nowruz and the traditional Iranian cities. I wish you a nice spring and a wonderful new year.
عید شما مبارک! (Happy new year in Persian!)

Best regards,

Milad Zabeti

In this link bellow you can find my recent portfolio of works. I would be happy to have your opinions and ideas about it. Thanks!


Iran, Kerman

Ganj-Ali Khan Hamam, Kerman, Iran, By: Milad Zabeti

Ganj-Ali Khan Hamam, Kerman, Iran, By: Milad Zabeti

A sketch during my journey to Kerman, Iran in 2009. This is the main room of Ganj-Ali Khan Hamam (Bath).

Dohaland, Sketch by Milad Zabeti

Dohaland, Sketch by Milad Zabeti

Laurea! (Graduation!)

What a fantastic week we had! after 8 months of hard work and research, finally we presented our thesis and graduated with highest possible mark plus special praise and publication of our work on the website of Polytechnic University of Turin. It was a unique experience, doing research in Urbanism, and it was a try to make this world more sustainable.
I wanted to thank my wife, “Tannaz Monfaredzadeh” who is also my best friend, colleague, and my teacher.
And our teachers, Prof. Chiara Aghemo and Prof. Matteo Robiglio, who guided us through the way in order to reach the best result.