What Tschumi Has for Architecture!


Tschumi says:

– Architecture is not sculpture, what happens in it is architecture; the movement of bodies!

– The “Context” is as important as the “Content”!

– [There is a] mosque made with mud, every year after the rain inhabitants have to redo some parts of it, [this is where] architecture becomes a social act!

– The movement of the body in space is like a knife cutting the butter!

– Frank Lloyd Wright uses the typology of a garage as a museum!

– Transprogramming in architecture, [where] a “church” becomes a “pizzeria” or a “track” goes through a “library”!

– “Envelope” [is where there is] no distinction between “roof” and “facade”!

– Discourse of “envelopes” may have been started by [Buckminster Fuller’s Pavilion of Canada]!

-Notion of materiality! [Where a common concept made with various materials]! [so] “materialization” of a concept becomes fantastically important!


– “Context is funny for architects!”, new Acropolis Museum is nothing but context!

– Cultural context, historical context, political context, local context, archeological context, are nothing but “constraints”!


I can summarize Tschumi in these following words:



3 Responses to “What Tschumi Has for Architecture!”

  1. 1 lilbluegirl

    this is great.. i often do this with concept developing ..play with key words and then try expressing in my own language…your water color sketches are very nice… would definitely love to learn about it…

    • Thank you very much! As you mentioned these sketches play a very important role in every architect’s life! I myself use them in order to classify ideas and experiences in my mind!

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