IP-UPWARD Workshop, day1


Today was the first day of IP-UPWARD Workshop at Polytechnic University of Turin. The workshop began with the lecture of Prof.Cina with the title: “Contents, evolution and drifts of the urban project”. He talked about the idea of innovation and modernization which has been, in some cases, against local identity and historic character of cities. He suggested a methodology somewhere between innovation and continuity, and in order to achieve this goal we have to consider some values, for instance: quality of life and living spaces, a functional mixite’ or multilayered community, developing brownfields and rehabilitate infrastructural abandoned places, mixed economy societies, and attention to role of public places. He said that our goal is to create an urban project which presents a balanced relationship between innovation and valorisation. In the end, Prof.Cina indicated works and philosophy of some “starchitects!”, like koolhaas, who are, as he said, good writers but awful planners who ruin the city. He talked about the Koolhaas “brand!” and questioned his works with “bigness or madness?”

After that Prof.Spaziante presented her lecture about urban transition in Turin during various eras and emphasized on industry as a remarkable and unique identity of northern Italian cities like Turin and according to the activities of Olivetti which has turned the city of Ivrea into a symbol of mechanical innovation and industry.

At the end the professors presented these 10 key items for our urban project in Ivrea:

1. Ensure recognisability of form in your design process, to make your new buildings
recognizable, simple, and clear in their form and type, in relation to the surrounding
urban structure.
2. Design a legible urban structure, paying attention to the existing shape of the city and
neighbourhoods (relations, proportions, architectural characters,…)
3. Design a compact urban scheme having a critical approach to urban sprawl.
4. Produce public spaces as places of meeting, exchange and identity, to improve social
relationship and a better way of life.
5. Tend to limit soil consumption aiming for a sustainable urban development and reducing
human footprint.
6. Provide a high soil permeability, limiting tarmac and concrete surfaces
7. Natural resources. Valorise local natural heritage and assets.
8. Cultural resources. Valorise local historical and artistic heritage and assets.
9. Mobility. Provide a balanced mix between motorized mobility (cars) and slow mobility.
10. Always consider the distinction between public and private spaces and its consequences
for the intervention (in terms of urban standards, cost, safety…)

I believe that we are able to suggest an innovative, and also responsible, design for the city. This will be a valuable experience and endeavour for us.

Adriano Olivetti, Ivrea ICO factory


Workers at the Olivetti ICO Factory in Ivrea Photo from ‘Olivetti, profilo di un’industria’, 1963 © Gianni Berengo 


Project area

Further information about the workshop can be found in the following link below:



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